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Brochure Holder for Slatwalls

* Wall mount – version of the Injection Mould Brochure Holders are budget
friendly version of the Acrylic Holders.
* Very easy to mount on wall or on any different freestanding unit.
* Our clear brochure holders are great for use in stores, restaurants or any
place to display your literature.
* Made of high impact plastic
* Crystal clear material
* These brochure holders are sturdy, long-lasting and attractive
* Screen Print or Full Color Stickers application of your Company Logo, Slogan or Message on any of these brochure holders is available upon request.
* Slatwall adapter clips are available also upon request.
* A scoop-front holds your prints and gives a clear view and also allows easy collecting of your brochures.

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Clear Acrylic
BHESW 1121 120 mm x 220 mm
BHESW 1521 160 mm x 220 mm
BHESW 2130 220 mm x 310 mm


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