Wing Menu Holder

* These sign holders or pop displays can be used around in stores as displays for the advertisements or as menu holders for the customers.
* The sign holders are made from clear acrylic and feature a sturdy aluminium base in a natural anodised finish.
* This sign holder can hold the artworks as a double sided display allowing to have more exposure within your premises.
* Use sign holders or pos signs around your premises to help advertise products within your store.
* These acrylics point of sale signage can be updated and used regularly with ease as graphics can easily be slotted into the side of the unit.
* Acrylics sign holders are a great unit for retailers, restaurants or information centres and as they are finished with a natural anodised aluminium base.
* The professional finish and the ease of use will have you posting sign holders as your pop displays on counter tops and around the shop.
* Holds double sided artwork.
* Easy to change slide through graphics.
* Great as a restaurant menu or sale sign display.
* Natural anodised base for a professional appearance.


MATERIAL: Silver Anodised Aluminium
LH WI 100 Aluminium Base 100 mm
LH WI 105 Aluminium Base 105 mm
LH WI 150 Aluminium Base 150 mm
LH WI 210 Aluminium Base 210 mm
LH WI 300 Aluminium Base 300 mm
MATERIAL: Silver Anodised Aluminium & clear acrylic cover
LH WI AC 1/3A4 D Aluminium Base-Acrylic Portrait 100 mm 100 mm x 210 mm
LH WI AC A6 D Aluminium Base-Acrylic Portrait 105 mm 105 mm x 150 mm
LH WI AC A5 D Aluminium Base-Acrylic Portrait 150 mm 150 mm x 210 mm
LH WI AC A4 D Aluminium Base-Acrylic Portrait 210 mm 210 mm x 300 mm
LH WI AC A3 D Aluminium Base-Acrylic Portrait 300 mm 300 mm x 420 mm
LH WI AC 1/3A4 Y Aluminium Base-Acrylic Landscape 210 mm 210 mm x 100 mm
LH WI AC A6 Y Aluminium Base-Acrylic Landscape 150 mm 150 mm x 105 mm
LH WI AC A5 Y Aluminium Base-Acrylic Landscape 210 mm 210 mm x 150 mm
LH WI AC A4 Y Aluminium Base-Acrylic Landscape 300 mm 300 mm x 210 mm


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